About us

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to developing natural stone products. Our work begins at the quarries where we select one by one the blocks with better quality and more suitable for perform work.

This selection phase in the quarry is important because, being a natural material, we must look at the composition, purity, color… this we provide a raw material that allow its transformation into a excellent product.

Our installations

In our installations the process of transformation is performed using the latest technologies in machinery but without leave the handmade touch that makes us different; beautifying, forming, decorating and caring the stone as authentic stonemasons that form our company.

The range of products that Piedramol offers ranging from handling raw materials such as marble, granite, sandstone, silestones, quarz compac… until the transformation of these materials in fireplaces, columns, stairs, countertops, balustrades… Completing our services with all types of restoration, transport and assembly of the finished product.

Piedramol is a business established in the market since 1991, since then many years of experience give as result quality and warranty in our designs with personality.

Where are we?

Our installations are located in the industrial zone of Archidona (Málaga)

Our strategic location in communications by road, next to the A-92 and A-92M road, and the proximity to various natural stone deposits, allows us to offer a fast and competitive service.

The workshop, equipped with the latest technologies, offers many possibilities for the transformation of natural stone in all types of finished products. The technology is applied without neglecting the handmade touch that makes us different.