Discover Our Products and Services in Natural Stone

At PIEDRAMOL Piedramol, we believe that every home or space deserves to be enhanced by the timeless beauty of natural stone. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to offering a wide range of products and services in natural stone, each designed and crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail.


Our natural stone products range from fireplaces, columns and staircasesto you, balustrades, countertops and decorative elements. Each piece is carefully selected and worked on by our skilled artisans, ensuring stunning aesthetics and exceptional durability. Whatever the style of your space, we have a piece of natural stone that will enhance its beauty and character.


In addition to our products, Piedramol also provides a complete range of natural stone services. If you're looking for a custom design, our experienced team is ready to work with you to create unique pieces that reflect your tastes and personality. If you need to restore existing natural stone elements, our specialists can bring them back to life and ensure their longevity.


But our commitment to excellence doesn't end with the creation of our pieces. We also offer transportation and installation services to ensure that each Piedramol product is installed with precision and care, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of natural stone in your space.


Discover today how our products and services in natural stone can transform your space. Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a free consultation.

portada en piedra natural


Customized entrance covers applying different styles according to the building's facade, in solid or veneered options, plain or with moldings, with natural materials such as granite, marble, or sandstone.



Kitchen and bathroom countertops in Silestone, marble, granite, or limestone, both domestic and imported.



Decorative pieces for interior or exterior with artisanal finishes and details.

chimenea de marmol


A wide range of models, where we adapt to all sizes and shapes, using the most elegant natural stones and artisanal finishes such as bush-hammered, polished, chiseled, and aged.



Columns in all types of styles and sizes, selecting the blocks in the quarries, ensuring their top quality and finishing the work.

escalera de marmol


Crafted from a variety of natural materials such as marble, granite, or sandstone, with designs including spiral, rectangular, and split designs, featuring impeccable edge shapes and skirting.



Balustrades of various shapes and sizes, with polished and honed finishes, while maintaining the artisanal craftsmanship.



A wide range of stone finishes such as marble and sandstone with polished and honed surfaces, including basins, wall fountains, central fountains with basins and pillars...


Stone Restoration

During the restoration process, we carefully study every detail, respecting its original form, and exclusively using artisanal techniques.

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