Natural stone fireplaces

The rustic and elegant touch for your home

Granite fireplace

Design fireplace in aged Titanium granite.

Sandstone fireplace

Custom-made fireplace, made of chiseled Sandstone. The stone chiseling has been done by hand by our artisans

Marble fireplace

Crema Marfil marble fireplace. The details and the bulk have been hand-carved by our artisans.

Handcrafted rustic fireplace (Stone and Marble)

Rustic fireplace handcrafted in White Limestone and Black Marquina Marble.

Corner fireplace in Sandstone

Corner fireplace made of smooth Sandstone.

Corner fireplace in handcrafted stone

Corner fireplace made with Sandstone, hand-chiseled artisanally.

Sandstone fireplace

Fireplace made with smooth Sandstone, with stepped moldings

Design fireplace in Marble

Design fireplace, made of Travertine Marble.

Corner fireplace in Stone

Corner fireplace made of smooth Sandstone on brick.

Marble fireplace

Travertine gold open-pore marble fireplace.

Marble fireplace

Marble fireplace, Imperial model.

Travertine marble fireplace

Fireplace made of open-pore Travertine marble.

Design fireplace in Marble

Design fireplace, made with Gold Travertine Marble, with an aged finish.

The Fireplaces covered with natural stone are an elegant and rustic option for decorating your home. There are different varieties and discounted prices to suit your tastes and needs. Furthermore, natural stones have advantages in terms of durability and maintenance compared to artificial materials. We present design ideas and necessary care, among other topics of interest..

Types of natural stone for fireplaces

The The natural stone fireplaces are an increasingly popular option in interior and exterior decoration.. The choice of stone type will depend on personal taste and budget, but it is important to know the available options and their characteristics in order to choose the most suitable stone for each home.

Stones most commonly used for fireplaces

Among the most commonly used stones for fireplaces the following stand out::

MarbleIt's the most elegant option but also the most expensive.It's characterized by its high resistance and durability, as well as its beauty and shine. There are different types of marble with a wide variety of colors and veins, allowing it to adapt to any type of decoration.

Granite: : Another durable option, though more economical than marble. It's characterized by its hardness and resistance to scratches and wear. Additionally, its beauty and chromatic variability make it very popular for fireplaces.

Slate: It's a more economical option economical than marblethan marble, yet possesses great beauty and rustic characteristics. Slate is a metamorphic stone characterized by its smooth texture and ability to repel water, making it highly resistant to fire..

Advantages of using natural stone in fireplaces.

Among the main advantages of using natural stone to cover fireplaces stand out: the following stand out::

Durability: Natural stone is a highly resistant material over time, guaranteeing the fireplace is durability over the years.

Customised design: The range of natural stone options available in the market allows for customising the fireplace design according to each home's tastes and needs.

Elegance: Natural stone adds an elegance and sophistication to home decor that is not achieved with other materials.

Fire resistance: Natural stone is a highly resistant to fire.Natural stone is highly fire-resistant, making fireplaces covered in this material safer.

Cladding fireplaces with natural stone

The Natural stone fireplaces are an excellent choice for those seeking to add a rustic and elegant touch to their home. In addition to their aesthetics, fireplaces clad in natural stone exhibit great resistance and areeasy to maintain.

The best options to cover indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

To clad a chimney both indoors and outdoors, there are different options of natural stone available. Among the most commonly used are slate, granite, and sandstone. These stones are known for their durability and resilience..

Additionally, there are other options such as limestone or marble, which can provide a unique and distinctive look. In the case of outdoor fireplaces, it's important to choose a natural stone that is resistant to weather changes.

Choosing the best stone cladding for a fireplace

The Choosing the stone cladding for a fireplace will largely depend on individual preferences as well as the home's decorating style. It's important to consider that light colours will bring brightness and a sense of spaciousness, whereas dark tones will create a cozier and warmer ambiance..

Another factor to consider is the type of stone, as each has its own characteristics and prices.Seeking advice from experts in the field might be advisable to select the most suitable stone cladding for each case.

Design of natural stone fireplaces

The The natural stone fireplaces Natural stone chimneys are an excellent way to add a rustic and elegant touch to the decoration of any home. Below, we present some design ideas:

Design ideas for fireplaces with natural stone

Combine different types of natural stone to create a unique and personalised fireplace..

Create a fireplace with a roof design or that extends across the entire wall to give an impressive look..

Use natural stone in different shades to create interesting contrasts and textures in the fireplace.

Add decorative details like shelves or niches on the wall adjacent to the fireplace.

Incorporate lighting to enhance the beauty of the natural stone fireplace and create a cosy atmosphere.

Maintenance of natural stone fireplaces

Care needed to prolong the lifespan of a natural stone fireplace

The The natural stone fireplaces Are an excellent choice excellent choice to to add a touch of elegance and rusticity elegance and rusticity to any space. However, to keep them in good condition for many years, it's important to consider certain care routines..

It's advisable to shield the natural stone fireplace from sudden temperature changes, as these could affect its structure and cause cracks.

It's also important to avoid direct contact with chemical products, as they can damage the surface and lead to discolouration or stubborn stains that are hard to remove.

Furthermore, it's recommended to regularly clean the natural stone fireplace with a damp cloth avoiding the use of abrasive products that could harm the surface.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining a natural stone fireplace

The Proper cleaning and maintenance natural stone fireplace are essential to ensure its durability and good appearance. To achieve this, it is advisable to follow the following tips::

Use specific products for cleaning natural stonethat do not contain acids or abrasive substances that could damage the surface.

Apply the products in small amounts and gently rub the surface with a soft cloth, avoiding direct contact with the skin.

Rinse the surface with clean waterand dry it with a soft cloth to prevent the appearance of stains..

Types of natural stone most commonly used in fireplaces and how to choose the right one

When choosing the type of natural stone to clad the fireplace, it's important to consider the style of the rest of the home decor and the stone's resistance to fire and heat. For homes with a more rustic style granite or slate is recommended, whereas for more elegant homes , marble or quartz can be chosen. Additionally, it's important to consider the fireplace is location, whether it's indoors or outdoors, and the climatic conditionsof the region where the house is situated.

Discover the beauty of natural stone fireplaces and transform your space!

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