Natural stone column

An elegant and resilient choice for construction and decoration

Stone column

Sandstone columns for wooden cornices

Stone portico

Stone portico with Doric Greek style columns

Marble capital

Detail of a polished 'Al-Andalus' red marble capital.

Marble column

Golden Travertine marble column, Greek Doric style, with an open pore and aged finish

The Natural stone columns are an elegant and durable element for construction and decoration. There are different types of natural stone, such as marble, granite, and sandstone, and custom projects are also offered in sintered stone and marble. The columns can be used both outdoors and indoors, as well as decorative elements in gardens and other spaces. The article on natural stone columns will explain the different types of stone, how to care for and maintain the columns, and their installation and use in interior and exterior design projects.

Natural stone columns

They are architectural elements that have been used since ancient times for the construction of buildings, temples, and monuments. These columns can be hand-carved or produced through mechanical processes and are available in different types of natural stone. different types of natural stone.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural stone columns

They have the advantage of being very sturdy and long-lasting. Additionally, their appearance is elegant, and their look improves over time. However, their price is high, and their weight is considerable, which can make their transportation and placement challenging.

Uses and applications of natural stone columns

Are structural and decorative elements used in both interior and exterior constructions, whether in religious buildings, mansions, gardens, terraces, pools, among others. Furthermore, columns can be used either autonomously or in conjunction with other architectural elements such as cornices, capitals, or pedestals..

Types of natural stone for columns

They are construction and decorative elements that require sturdy and long-lasting materials. There are different typesof natural stone that can be used for the construction of columns. Below are the most common ones described::

Marble: an elegant and durable option

The Marble is a natural stone widely used in the construction of columns for its elegance, beauty, and resilience. It's an incredibly versatile stone that can be crafted to achieve various finishes. Marble columns are commonly employed indoors, in hallways, vestibules, lounges, and main entrances. It's an ideal choice for luxurious and sophisticated interior design projects..

Sandstone: a more cost-effective choice

The sandstone is a type of natural stone that offers a good value for money compared to other options. It's a stone widely used in column construction due to its beauty and colour. Sandstone is often employed in more budget-friendly building projects, such as fences or decorative walls.

Other types of stone for columns

Besides the ones mentioned, there are other types of natural stone like travertine, slate, and basalt, which are also used for constructing columns. travertine Travertine is a porous stone highly resistant to weather conditions and is often used outdoors Slate is a natural stone with a graphic texture and great durability, employed as a construction and decoration material construction and decorative elements. The Basalt Travertine is a is a highly durable volcanic stone utilized in the construction of columns and other building elements.

Caring for and maintaining natural stone columns

The Natural stone is an resilient and durable material, but it's not exempt from care and maintenance. In this section, we'll explain how to maintain and care for natural stone columns to ensure their long-term beauty and durability..

Cleaning and maintenance of natural stone columns

The Regular cleaning is essential to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust on natural stone columns.
The Harsh chemicals are not advisable for cleaning natural stone, as they can corrode and damage the column's surface. Instead, using water and mild soap is recommended as a gentle cleaner.
Oil or grease stains can be treated with a small amount of liquid detergent and warm water..
For cleaning natural stone from moss, fungi, and mold stains, it's recommended to use specific products that won't harm the column's surface.
After cleaning, make sure to thoroughly dry the natural stone columns to prevent water stains from appearing.

How to prevent damage to natural stone columns

To prevent damage to natural stone columns, it is important to follow these recommendations:
Avoid the accumulation of water near the natural stone columns, as it can seep into the stone and cause damage over time.
Avoid placing heavy objects on the natural stone columns, as they can cause cracks or fissures.
Prevent rainwater from coming into contact with chemical reagents that may stain the natural stone.
Avoid prolonged exposure of the natural stone columns to sunlight, especially in summer, as it can discolour the columns and reduce their strength.

Repair and restoration of natural stone columns

If natural stone columns become damaged or experience any kind of wear, it's important to address the issue as soon as possible. Repair and restoration of the natural stone columns by a professional can prevent the problem from worsening and extend the lifespan of the columns. Repairs and restorations may include sealing treatments to prevent water infiltration and erosion, as well as the removal of stains, cracks, and fissures that may be affecting the appearance and strength of the columns..


Design of natural stone columns for interiors and exteriors

Can be designed to complement the style of the space where they will be installed. The design can customized for each specific project. Natural stone columns can have different shapes and heights, and they are usually available in various colors and types of stone. This variety of options allows natural stone columns to adapt to any design or decoration..

Classic style

For a classic style, the conical or solomonic shape Are an is a good option. This type of column gives an imposing and elegant look to the space where it is placed.

Rustic style

For a For a rustic style, natural stone columns with amore irregular shape are recommended, showcasing the stone's natural form.

Contemporary style

For a For a contemporary style, simpler shapeslike the cylindrical form can be the best choice. This gives a modern look to the column and the space where it is placed.

Uses of natural stone columns

Natural stone columns for exteriors

These can be used to delimit spaces in gardens, terraces, and pool areas. They can also be used as support for climbers, creating a natural and fresh space.
Natural stone columns blend very well with other outdoor decorative elements, such as fountains, planters, or railings.

Natural stone columns for interiors.

They are very suitable in modern interiors or rustic spaces such as fireplaces or entrances, creating a warm and striking atmosphere..
At PIEDRAMOL bathrooms, natural stone columns bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to the environment.
They can be used as support for shelves, creating a combination of elegance and simplicity..

Natural stone columns as a decorative element

Natural stone columns are widely used as decorative elements decorative elements, in the form of figures or combined with other elementssuch as vases or statues, creating unique environments.
Natural stone columns can be used tocreate water features, bringing a tranquil and natural ambiance.
Natural stone columns can be used to create intense and bold decorative structures..
In any case, it is important to consider the style and design of the natural stone column, as well as the quality of the stone and its maintenance over time.

Natural stone columns are a very versatile element for decoration and construction versatile, enhancing the elegance and originality of the environment where they are placed.

Custom natural stone columns

They can be custom-designed to fit the specific needs of each project. Custom-made natural stone columns can be used both outdoors and indoorsand can be tailored to suit any decorative style. Additionally, different types of natural stone and finishes can be used to achieve the desired effect. Custom natural stone columns are an excellent choice for those seeking to add a touch of elegance and distinction to their project..

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