About Us

We are an Andalusian company dedicated to the production of goods in natural stone Our work begins in the quarries where we carefully select one by one the highest quality blocks most suitable for the task at hand.


This selection phase in the quarry is vital because, being a natural material, It is necessary to meticulously observe the composition, purity, colour, and pattern of the veins... This allows for having raw material that enables its transformation into an excellent product.

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Our Facilities

At our facilities, the the transformation process is carried out using the latest machinery technologies while not neglecting the artisanal touch that sets us apart, we embellish, shape, decorate, and nurture the stone, just like the authentic stonemasons who form this company


The range of products offered by Piedramol goes from the handling of raw materials such as marbles, granites, sandstones, silestones, compact quartz... to the transformation of these materials into fireplaces, columns, stairs, countertops, portals, balustrades Complete their services with all types of catering and with the transportation and assembly of the finished product.


Piedramol is a well-established company in the market since 1991. Over these years of experience, their work reflects excellence, quality, guarantee, and designs with personality.

Where are we?

Our facilities are located in the Industrial Estate of Archidona (Málaga).


Our strategic location, in terms of road communications, close to the A-92 and A-92M, and the proximity to deposits of various types of natural stones,allows us to offer an agile and competitive service.


The workshop, equipped with the latest technologies,offers endless possibilities for transforming natural stone into all kinds of finished products.The technology is applied Technology is applied without neglecting the artisanal touch that sets us apart.

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